Zoom background | Make professional and fun meetings

Zoom background | Make professional and fun meetings

How to change the zoom background? | The best virtual offices for each job and role.

Virtual backgrounds for digital meetings  with real perspectives simulations.

In this period of global pandemic we have to be a little more digital. It is not surprising if we all soon became always more "virtual" in the near future.

We have learned to use Zoom for birthdays, parties, game nights, aperitifs and above all business meetings,  as well as other video conferencing platforms such as FaceTime.

Zoom allows you to stay in touch with your loved ones and your co-workers near and far while still forced into social distancing.

During these digital meetings you also bring into your camera everything around you like walls, kitchens, baby carts and so on . Given that arranging your home while you are smart working seems more and more taboo we have made sure that you can redesigned your space without special expensive tools, without professional equipment and without having to travel!

All you find on the web are normal picture, photos or just wallpapers for desktops to set on your background with no logic.

Officina Kreativa designed 3D digital offices for each job and role with real perspectives simulations, it is like your are inside the virtual enviroment!

In case it's your first time, here's how to set a virtual background for Zoom: 

Buy the pack of static and animated zoom backgrounds  you prefer. After accessing a zoom call, look for the icon with the words "stop video" in the lower left corner of the window. Click the arrow on the right and select "choose a virtual background".

Upload the background you want and change them whenever you want! Browse these zoom backgrund packs and buy your favorite. So schedule your next virtual happy hour to show them off.

Choose beetwen the our three packs on the store and improve your digital experiences. After purchase we will also send you a video tutorial and a pdf guide on how to install the wallpapers directly in the software and use them in just a few minutes! 

There's more!  By purchasing the combo pack you get the license for all future scenographies we will create in the next 2 years. Don't miss this opportunity!

Officina Kreativa aims to become a point of reference in the world for computer generated imagery, known to all as CGI. This famous acronym is a 3D computer graphics application for the rendering of digital special effects in films, television, advertising, video games, music videos and high-impact events. 

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